Terms & Conditions

Competition Registration

To register correctly your samples you need to follow our “Competition Guidelines”, which will be updated each year, and is available on the “My Account” page -you need to have a registered account and login- or check your registered email account. Beer entered in the wrong category will be just in the registered category, but might fail to impress.

The participant can enter the competition by registering online, paying the participation fee/fees through credit/debit card or bank transfer within 3 days, and delivering the participation to the competition shipping address/warehouse. Entries that do not arrive by the entry deadline cannot be refunded or credited. Bank expenses/transaction fees will be covered by the participant. Greek Beer Awards can add extra charges to the invoice issued to the participant if these expenses are not covered by the participant.

No refund or credit of a participation fee will be given in any circumstances, including circumstances in which an entry is disqualified, withdrawn, lost, or damaged, or does not arrive in time. Read more in “How to Enter”.

Labelling and Shipping

Clearly label each box of beer using the label, which can be downloaded. Check “Downloads”.
If you send your beers directly to our shipping address/warehouse, you must tick the option: “Duties and Taxes payable by shipper”. If the above is not completed, we cannot guarantee that the beer will not be stopped in Customs and arrive on time for the competition. Greek Beer Awards is not responsible for tracking the shipping of your beers, please ensure everything is in order before sending your beers, even if we ask for your partner in order to arrange the last details. Read more in “Shipping”.

Import License, Declaration & Duty

All duty, shipping costs, and taxes must be prepaid by the submitter of the samples. Beers must be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), therefore instruction to complete the import declaration should be given to your forwarder/courier company, please choose “Shipper accepts all charges” on the documentation provided by your courier company. Submitters should also be responsible for any fees related to the import declaration. Beers cannot be accepted by us or our logistic partner if the charges associated with shipping have not been paid. Any penalty and additional cost (i.e. transportation costs, warehouse or brokers fees) incurred from the non-compliance of declaration requirement in Greece will be borne by the Submitters. Read more in “Shipping”.


Greek Beer Awards and its logistic partner will not take responsibility for beer damaged or lost whilst in transit. In the event that for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Greek Beer Awards, it is necessary or advisable for the Greek Beer Awards to be canceled, Greek Beer Awards cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss of profit, damage or expense of any kind incurred as the result of such cancellation. Read more in “Shipping”.

Delayed Shipments

For the Greek Beer Awards judges to taste your entries it is essential they arrive in time. If your samples do not arrive in time for the Greek Beer Awards, they will not be able to participate at the blind-taste process, or placed by the judges. No refund should be provided. Read more in “Shipping”.

Usage rights to Greek Beer Awards Medal artwork

Winners are welcome to use the Greek Beer Awards artwork on marketing materials related to the winning products with no restrictions if it’s used for marketing material, presentations, website, press releases, trade shows, and any other marketing purpose. For usage of the Greek Beer Awards materials on bottles or packaging/boxes, winners order either Greek Beer Awards Medal stickers/badges or the Greek Beer Awards License to Print. We provide low & high-resolution versions of the badges to the winners. Both have no time limit to usage and are based on the quantity ordered. The price varies and is upon request.

Printing Labels and Rights (License to Print)

The purpose of License to Print was primarily arranged for the convenience of winners that have larger quantities of bottles to add their Greek Beer Awards Medals. Large scale usage of License to Print enables winners to save manpower to add to all bottles by hand and/or they can arrange their printing more efficiently without needing to find a machine that can attach stickers/badges with the exact dimensions that Greek Beer Awards Medals are issued at, can be time-consuming/not easily accessible.

Greek Beer Awards Medals showcase winning beers to buyers who are seeking the all-important Greek Beer Awards stamp of approval. Whether you are the Producer, Distributor, Importer or Retailer, now is your chance to celebrate and boost sales.

For any misinterpretation or negative use of the Greek Beer Awards artwork and or stickers/badges and or Medals and or Logos, the company reserves all legal rights which it will exercise in the Courts of Athens, Greece. Check your account.

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