Greek Beer Awards


To judge your beer we need to get it…

Packaging Instructions

Use your commercial boxes or package them in the boxes your transportation partner will provide to you.

Wrap each beer in bubbles or protection paper. Do not wrap more than one beer! Only one!

Use light and protective material to fill the empty space of your boxes. Do not leave it empty. The beers must not move inside! Do not fill it with other beers, empty bottles, or heavy and dangerous materials. 

All beers should face the same direction. “This Side Up” should be indicated outside of the box.

Add the “FRAGILE” indication on the box/boxes, and add the shipping label we provide at Downloads with the box reference number.

Damaged boxes and broken beers can not be judged. So, please, pay attention to the packaging.

Shipping Instructions

All duty, shipping costs, and taxes must be prepaid by the submitter of the samples and beer must be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). Please instruct your forwarder/courier company to complete the import declaration. 

Choose “Shipper accept all charges” on the documentation provided by your courier company. Submitters should also be responsible for any fees related to the import declaration.

Beers cannot be accepted by us or our logistic partner if the charges associated with shipping have not been paid. Any penalty and additional cost incurred from the non-compliance of declaration requirements will be borne by the Submitters.

Your beer samples box must be accompanied by a proforma invoice (One copy on the top of the box and one copy inside the box) for the purpose of paying VAT (if there applies). Participants who will be shipping samples from outside Greece and the EU must provide a proforma invoice. The same is not required for shipments within Greece and the EU. 

Even if we ask for your shipping details like Transportation Company/Courier, and Reference Number, we are not responsible to track the shipping of your beers. Note that if it is a transportation company you are using, to instruct them to contact us for an appointment before they deliver your beers.

Please package the beers in a very careful way, add the “FRAGILE” indication on the box/boxes, and add the shipping label we provide at Downloads with the box reference number.

If you miss the shipping deadline, your registration will not be considered for judging and no feedback will reflect in your account. No refund will be initiated in any circumstance of missing the shipping deadline. Delays caused by couriers and customs will not be accounted for, so please ship in advance.

Please ensure everything is in order before sending your beers.

Shipping Address

Copy & paste the address as it is, to avoid any mistakes.

(for Greek Beer Awards)

N. Notara 58A, N. Ionia, Athens
P.C. 14235, Attica, Greece

phone: +30 6974130617