Greek Beer Awards goes SEE

After a short break, Greek Beer Awards are back! The only awards for beers after blind tasting organized in Greece will be held in 2023 with the registration period already running. The international competition started in 2017 (read more at ABOUT), with experienced judges from Europe (see our PREVIOUS JUDGES).

Visit HOW TO ENTER to get all the information you need, to participate and raise your brand awareness. But for this year we have “brewed” some new things. A new online registration system, that will provide you with all the details you need, after your brewery’s registration. Please be sure that you create a single account for your brewery. You can pay with your business card, through our online system. Bank transfers are also accepted, but have to be completed within three days from the participation submission.

Greek Beer Awards brings more friends together

We always planned to bring more friends together. We decided to expand the Greek Beer Awards for friends of South Eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries, periodically over the next years, starting from this one with the following countries:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Croatia
  4. Estonia
  5. Hungary
  6. Latvia
  7. Lithuania
  8. Malta
  9. Poland
  10. Romania
  11. Slovakia
  12. Slovenia

Including Greece, Greek Beer Awards organization has the ambition to have participation from 13 countries and a great variety of beers.

Last but not least

As always an early bird registration period is running. Register till the 31st of January and save €10,00 for each beer sample, paying €60,00 instead of €70,00. Check out: HOW TO ENTER. Mark our key dates for registration and shipping among others that you can find at KEY DATES. Shipping details will be announced in the near future.

We hope you will enjoy our new Greek Beer Awards website and the upgrades will be useful to you as they will be to us. Looking forward to see you at our ceremony award in Spring 2023, with the date to be announced.

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