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Depending on the period you register. There are two early periods and one regular, for this year. The regular cost is €75,00 per beer label. For 6-9 entries we offer an additional 10% discount and for 10 and more beers 15%.

You can find the rates here

The correct way to enter you Tax ID is typing the country code before the numbers i.e. EL123456789, where EL is the code for Greece.

Registration starts in July. For 2024 the registration deadline is on the 28th of February.

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The invoice will be sent via email a few days after we receive your payment. The email address to which the invoice will be sent corresponds to the address you provided during registration.

The warehouse will be open from the 8th January till the 8th of March 2024.

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You can select the payment method at our checkout page. Credit/debit card and bank transfer are the offered methods. All amounts are to be paid free and clear of currency control restrictions, bank charges, fees, duties or other transactional costs, the payment of which shall be the sole responsibility of the Client. In the case of shared fees, we can charge you with the fees.

Yes you can deliver the beers by your own means, send them with your transportation partner or courier to our warehouse, but you have to follow the instructions that are available on our shipping page, including all packaging, customs, tax, and legal requirements we mention.

You need to send us an email that you would like to change your payment method. We will issue your invoice, on which you will find a url that leads to a secure payment portal, where you will enter your card details. We don’t store any card details.

You need to send 5 bottles/cans for 330ml samples, 3 bottles/cans for 500ml & 440ml samples, and 2 bottles for 700ml & bigger samples. Please follow the instructions for packaging that are available here and don’t send extra beers, or a complete box (i.e. 10, 12 or 24 beers). If you send more beers or boxes than needed, you may be charged with storage fees.

You can register your beers according the “Competition Manual” you will find at your account dashboard after you have created an account or logged in to your existed. If you have doubts about which category to enter your beer, please send as an email.

The beers are blind tasted by our international and experienced judges, following the “Competition Manual” and the guidelines the Head Judge will provide. You can find more about the judging process here.

Yes, you will receive the feedback of the judges in English, including any positive comments along with any suggestions to develop your recipe. The feedback will be send to all the participants regardless if they win or not. No scores will be included.

You will receive the feedback url along with your low-resolution badges, through our system, as you received the confirmation email after the registration. The email address to which the link will be sent corresponds to the address you provided during registration.

Every participant will be invited to the Event Night. The email address to which the invitation will be sent corresponds to the address you provided during registration. Every participant has one invitation, if you need additional, please contact us.

It will be very sad not to have you among us. We can send you the certificate/award at your address. Shipping costs may apply. The address to which the certificate/awards will be sent corresponds to the address you provided during registration.

We provide a press release to all participants and media, as well as the low-resolution badges for web and social media posts. If you need high-resolution material or extra marketing goodies like stickers or promo material, send us an email. For any material you would like to produce with our logo or badges you need to grant our permission. You are not allowed to edit or falsify any of our visuals.

Maurizio Maestrelli is the Head Judge for Greek Beer Awards 2024. It is his second consecutive year at this role. Read more about the Head Judge here and Maurizio Maestrelli here.

Judges are selected by the Head Judge and invited by the organization. If you want to become a judge, you can apply by submitting the form on this page. If you have submitted in the past, you don’t need to resubmit. One application is enough. You will receive your email/invitation only if our Head Judge includes your name. Not receiving an email, does not mean that you are not considered for a late or next Greek Beer Awards version invitation.

If you are not a brewery participating at the competition, you can send contact us or send us an email declaring your interest. Some details about the sponsorships can be found here.

The Greek Beer Awards are organized since 2017 by BeerBartender. Director of the competition is Nicola Radisis.

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