Interesting places that judges visited in 2024


Anastasiou Brewery

Founded in 2017, Anastasiou Brewery, is a small (nano) brewery in Chalandri, a suburban municipality southeastern of Athens, only half an hour from Omonoia Square (appx 9,9 klm) by car. Founded by Fotis Anastasiou, it has brewed more than 100 different beers, that are served at the Local Pub, next to it, owned by Fotis and are distributed mainly in Attica and at selected places around Greece. Anastasiou Brewery participates at various Craft Beer Festivals around the world, while Fotis is a restless traveler.

The Local Pub

The Local Pub is one of the best beer establishments in Europe. Located in Chalandri, next to Anastasiou Brewery, it is literally the house of it. Fotis Anastasiou (owner of the brewery as well) is a publican since 2010. The Local Pub celebrated its 13th anniversary. It has a great variety of Greek and international beers – more than 15 taps, a nice selection of whiskies and is organizing events to promote beers from all around the world.

red-lion -exo

The Red Lion Pub

In 1972, Athens acquired its first pub, in Ilissia city, the area of Hilton Hotel, near the National Gallery. Since then, the Red Lion has been a reference point and despite its years, it has continued to offer its services to all its patrons. In a family-like atmosphere, customers can enjoy their beer, their drinks, some food or a darts game, always accompanied by classic rock music of the 70s-80s at low intensity. In the English standards, the pub is now operated by the second generation, Dimitris Abanoudis.

Markou Vineyard Wine Museum

Combining architectural integrity and love for wine history, the Wine Museum is “the gem” of Markou family venues that offers a good chance to explore a piece of wine history with an interesting retrospection of previous centuries-old wine culture. Walk through rare wine culture exhibits from 1908. Markou Vineyards winery develops the production of 100 acres of “Mesogean” vineyard and 100 acres of proprietary vineyard, in Nemea Peloponnese. The varieties of grapes grown in the vineyards are Sabatian (native of Attica), Agiorgitiko (native of Nemea), Assyrtiko, Rhoditis, Athiri, Moschofilero, Moschato, Malagousia, French Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and the Italian Trebbiano.


Paragon Brewery & Taproom

An independent craft brewery and taproom in south Athens, Greece focused on fresh beers, founded in 2021 by Yiannis Psimoulis, siblings Tasos and Irene Papadakis. A small batch brewery divided but at the same time united with its taproom, serving not only its great variety of beers, but also beers from other Greek microbreweries, some imported beers, wines and spirits. Sitting at the bar your attention can catch the brewers while they move and work in the brewery creating a unique feeling in Greece, but very common abroad. Near Agios Dimitrios train station -only 3-4 minutes walking distance- and about 15 minutes from Omonoia Square train station (or 18 min by car), it is a place for Greek beer tourism that you need to visit.

Kafekopteia Loumidi 'Coffeeshops'

Kafekopteia Loumidi -a few meters from Omoia Square, downtown Athens- is a Greek love brand with more than 100 years of history (roasting coffee since 1920), impulsively associated with coffee and with great emotional value to all Greeks. Premium quality coffee from all around the world, excellent coffee processing knowledge (from coffee bean selection to roasting, blending, grinding & brewing), and passion are the key success ingredients! Kafekopteia Loumidi is preserving coffee culture and tradition, while at the same time, never stop to evolve, creating and innovating by offering holistic coffee experiences (products & services) in all sales channels (B2C, B2B, F&B). For Kafekopteia Loumidi, with a network of retail shops and an e-shop,  coffee is an authentic, multi-sensorial experience that fills the mouth, mind, and heart with joy!


Tourism in Greece dedicated on beer, wine, spirits and bar

Greece is known for its antiquities. Athens the capital, is the place where democracy was born, and the eternal Acropolis is located. In the region of Attica, cities and cultural monuments are available to visit. Cape Sounion with the Poseidon Temple, Eastern Attica where the Mesogeian Vineyards lay and all the pubs, wine bars and restaurants offer excellent services and tastes to their visitors.

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