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Greek Beer Awards Event NIGHT




at 19:00

Innovathens Technopolis, Athens

Everyone needs support. Join the event, connect with your “heroes” and give them big applause for what they do!

You only need to register below…

Some guidelines

For GBA & WoB participants

All Greek Beer Awards participants need to register even if they have access to the World of Beer Festival, as participants or visitors. You have to select GBA24 Event Night. This provides access to the Innovathens.

Not WoB participants

Those who don’t have access to the World of Beer Festival, as they are not participants or have not bought a Festival ticket, need to select GBA 24 Event Night & World of Beer Festival Entrance.

For Media

Please save your place, by selecting the GBA 24 Press. You don’t need to worry about access to the World of Beer Festival area, as we will provide you with an entrance pass for the festival as well. This is granted by default for all press members. The WoB pass will follow in a new email.


All reservations are strictly for adults! They are personalized and not transferable. Each name and email corresponds to a single reservation.

Upon entering the festival you will show the related ticket for World of Beer.

At the Innoathens you will be asked to show the pass for the evening, which will be scanned at the entrance. It can be digital from your mobile-wallet, email, or printed (we recommend not to print it and use the digital version).

It is not allowed to bring food and drink into the venue.


Greek Beer Awards is organized by BeerBartender and not by World of Beer Festival and Forum SA. BeerBartender and Greek Beer Awards are not involved in the organization of World of Beer Festival.

The Greek Beer Awards Event Night is a celebration of beer and is dedicated to the winners of this year’s blind tastings. It is a B2B event, accessed only by invitations.

We reserve the right to cancel any registration that is not following the spirit and moral rules of the Greek Beer Awards, established in the previous versions.

How to book
  1. Click BOOK NOW
  2. Select one of the available choices. Click NEXT
  3. The default quantity of the pass is 1, this can’t be changed. Be sure you selected the correct pass, if not go back, if yes click NEXT
  4. Answer the optional question. Click NEXT
  5. Tick the box on the left of your screen, then click CHECKOUT
  6. Enter your details, then click BOOK (Fill in English/Latin characters)
  7. You will receive an email with your pass. Check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it within 30 minutes. If you don’t receive the email with your pass, please contact us.
  8. You will receive an additional email with your WoB entrance if you have selected the associated pass.

Need a place to stay or tips where to have a drink?

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about accommodation

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