Good efforts produce good beers…

Having that in mind we decided to organize a beer competition in Greece in order to award breweries, microbreweries, beer companies and gypsy/nomad breweries as well as importing companies through the Consumers Awards, which started as BeerBartender Awards in 2014.

Started with 4 basic categories (breweries, importing companies, beer label, and emerging beer), since 2017 the categories were 13 in total.

During these years the brewing industry in Greece added more members, opened its variety entered new styles, and became international by exporting to various markets.


Greek beer market is growing…

In 2017 we added something new for the Greek beer market. Blind tasting awards with judges from abroad, to achieve absolute transparency during the tastings and the results.

The Greek Beer Awards are known as transparent and valid awards, helping the producers to promote their beers in the national and foreign markets.

Each year the bar is set higher and new challenges are created, for both, the brewers and the organizers.


Brewers make their plans, we do our own, including you…

For 2020, we decided to expand the competition among other countries. Keeping the Greek Beer Awards as a unique standing table, we add one more with beers from abroad.

The East European markets are rapidly evolving along with the Northern African and West Asia countries that are sharing the Mediterranean Sea.

Thinking that the sea is a common road since ancient times, countries that are neighboring it are welcomed. We are happy to announce a joint table beside the Greek and will gradually invite brewers from those countries to join us.

Since 2023 the Greek Beer Awards have expanded!

March 10
BeerBartender Awards are here!

The first event of the BeerBartender Awards awarded 4 categories after a digital voting that lasted 3 months. The first Event Night included some tastings and the Best BeerBartender competition.

February 28
New additions
4 more categories added

For the second event of the BeerBartender Awards 4 more categories added.

March 2
More additions
4 new categories added

For the third event of the BeerBartender Awards 4 more categories were added. The Best BeerBartender was organized separately this year.

March 8
Introducing GBA
Greek Beer Awards

The first beer awards after blind tasting in Greece. Greek Beer Awards were organized for the first time. Beer & Bar Magazine made its first appearance.

April 26
Year of Safety
Digital Greek Beer Awards

Cause of the circumstances Greek Beer Awards were organized digital with the samples being shipped to the judges. For safety reasons no Event Night was organized.

April 24
We are back
GBA expand!

Keeping the promise of expanding the successful awards to more countries, the new age of Greek Beer Awards includes countries like Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta and Romania among others!

Greek Beer Awards unite SouthEast & East European and Mediterranean countries

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